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Group Lesson

£48 per person

In order to ensure the best possible match of paddlers, please choose one of the below options.

Family Group Lessons are best suited for bookings that include children, and we request that any bookings for children between 7 and 13 choose this option.

Standard Group Lessons are best suited for bookings without young children, where the pace of the lesson will be faster. This is for adults, as well as older and more able children.

Private Group Lesson

£72 per person

Private Group Lessons are perfect for bookings that would like a dedicated instructor just for them with greater control over the format of the lesson.

Ideal for both adult groups and family groups, our private lessons offer more flexibility and allow you to set the pace and style of the lesson.

Maybe you’re a big family booking and looking for a fun-filled, action-packed experience with lots of games and getting wet?

Or perhaps you are more nervous paddlers and looking to take things slowly and build your confidence?

1-to-1 Lesson

£96 per person

1-to-1 lessons are perfect for customers who want a personal instructor with them for the duration of the lesson.

This option gives the greatest control over the form of the lesson and allows for a huge amount of learning and confidence-gaining during the time on the water.

Ideal for very nervous people, or those who are less confident on the water, our re-assuring instructors can work with you gently during the lesson.

Or for more advanced paddlers looking for a deep-dive into technical paddling, this option allows for a huge amount of real-time learning.