Just one day paddleboarding in the Salcombe Estuary can be life-changing for school children.

It’s incredible what children of all ages can learn – from the moment they step onto the board, to mastering the art of standing up, to feeling ten feet tall as they explore these beautiful waters.

Paddleboarding is a new, powerful way for school children from across South Devon to:

Boost confidence

Increase fitness

Improve co-ordination

Develop teamwork skills

Enhance wellbeing

Connect with nature and a healthy lifestyle

Start a new, fun hobby

One part-education, one part-inspiration, the sessions are ran by Salcombe Watersports (formerly Salcombe Paddleboarding) – a family business ran by Marcus Nolan. Marcus is a fully qualified ISA paddleboard instructor and a former professional surf lifeguard. He combines his dedication to safety with his love of watersports in the place he calls home – the Salcombe Estuary.

On the Water

Schools (water)

Expert paddleboarding tuition for all ages and abilities

Relaxing kayak tours around the beautiful Salcombe Harbour

World-class paddlesports equipment

Up-to-date and comfortable safety gear

The highest industry standards for instructor to pupil ratio

One of the most stunning locations to learn watersports

Off the water

 Physical challenges such as yoga, Kung Fu and circuit training

Fun, challenging team building activities

Activities designed to develop good mental health and emotional resilience through fun, conversation, art and music

Activities to help children explore a wide range of multiple intelligences and identify where they excel

The ‘design and make’ healthy snack challenge

All our activities meet many of the curriculum requirements for PE, PSHE and Citizenship.

To show teaching staff just how beneficial ‘Watersports School’ can be for them and their pupils, we invite staff to visit our facilities and experience what we have to offer – free of charge. Please get in touch to arrange your visit.

We can then discuss how we can work together to design an unforgettable day on the water, based on the unique needs of your children.