RYA Windsurfing Courses

New for 2024, we are very excited to be teaching Windsurfing in the beautiful Salcombe Harbour.

There are few feelings as brilliant as the feeling of shooting across the water powered by nothing but the wind, and the satisfaction as you grow to control your windsurf kit and harness the power of the wind.

We have beginner windsurf courses on offer for both kids and adults – for kids, we offer the RYA Stage 1 and RYA Stage 2 courses and for adults we offer the RYA Level 1 ‘Start Windsurfing’ course. These courses are excellent foundational courses that take you from no pre-requisite knowledge to a point where you are comfortable windsurfing in gentle conditions and able to sail both upwind and downwind. The courses are almost entirely practical and you’ll leave having had plenty of time on the water.

We are also running a Windsurf Club where you can come and use our equipment and develop the skills you’ve learnt on one of our courses.

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Youth Windsurfing RYA Courses

Learn to windsurf from one of our experienced instructors in the beautiful harbour. New to 2024, now offering Youth Stage 1 and Stage courses.

Adult Windsurfing RYA Courses

Dedicated windsurfing courses for adults with equipment designed to make it as easy as possible. New to 2024, now offering Adult Level 1 courses.

Windsurfing Club

For adults and youth

Whether you’ve learnt to windsurf with us or elsewhere, our Windsurfing club is a fabulous way to practice and develop your skills.